5 Great Ways to Stay Cool in Florida’s Paradise Coast During Summer

Summer is a terrific time to visit Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades if you follow these tips for staying cool.

Father grabbing his son in a bear hug on the beach

Summer season in the Naples area means reduced room rates, wide-open beaches and easy access to the most desirable attractions, restaurants, bars and clubs. Fees for a round of golf go down, too, and our many semi-private clubs open up to the general public.

With summer temperatures averaging in the 80s and 90s, you might think the heat is hard to deal with. However, being located directly on the Gulf of Mexico makes a huge difference. You can usually count on an amazing coastal breeze, and even the brief afternoon rain showers offer a welcome change of pace. 

The Paradise Coast’s seasonal warm-up calls for strategies to cool down. Here are five that never fail.


#1: Take a Plunge in the Gulf, Pools & Water Parks

Water, water everywhere. No matter where you are on Florida’s Paradise Coast, you’ll be within minutes of a refreshing plunge. Start with the Gulf of Mexico and the area’s 30 miles of gorgeous, white-sand beaches. Insider tip: take your dip early — the water, and the sand, will be cooler.

Then there’s your hotel’s pool, where the kids can frolic and the adults can relax poolside, adult beverage in hand. The Naples area’s many upscale resorts have some truly elaborate pools, with twisty slides, waterfalls and other fun features. If you’re not staying at a resort, many of them offer day passes.

For a fun cooling-down experience the whole family will love, head to Sun-N-Fun Lagoon. This water park includes five slides that reach up to 38 feet on a wooden tower, along with lazy rivers, diving areas, shallow pools for kids and more. The facility is clean, supervised, and perfect for hours of family fun.

Woman riding on jet ski

#2: Soak Up Big Thrills with Boat Rides & Water Sports

Zipping along the calm waters of the Gulf — wind in your face, hair blowing back — is an ideal way to beat the heat. Florida’s Paradise Coast has several water sports vendors that rent jet skis and banana boats, which can hold up to six people. Some even offer parasailing adventures, a breezy adrenaline rush that’s sure to cool you down.

Or you can head down to the Everglades for an airboat ride, where an experienced captain will take your group on a thrill ride through winding waterways and mangrove forests, stopping occasionally to say hello to a gator or marvel at colorful birds.


#3: Slip Away to the Spa & Salt Caves

Get pampered at the many climate-controlled spas in the Naples area. All of the area’s resorts feature amazing spas that are practically little worlds unto themselves, and there’s also a bounty of stand-alone day spas.

Get relaxed, rejuvenated, and cooled off in cold pools, rain showers, and — if you want to go all in — cryotherapy treatments. For something completely different, spend an hour or so in the salt cave at Praha Spa & Salt. It’s great for your respiratory system and your skin, and the temperature hovers around a very comfortable 70 degrees.

Couple getting massages on rooftop

#4: Indulge in Cold Treats from Cocktails to Ice Cream

A frozen cocktail poolside. A few scoops of ice cream, gelato or sorbet at one of dozens of first-class shops. A brightly colored popsicle at a beach stand. Shaved iced from a food truck.

If you’re looking for sweet treats that are cold and scrumptious, Florida’s Paradise Coast has you covered. Insider tip: If you insist on enjoying your frozen treats outdoors, eat quickly lest you end up wearing them.


#5: Seek Out Indoor Fun

Even Florida residents will admit that the secret to beating the heat is the occasional retreat to good old-fashioned air conditioning. That’s why you’ll be glad to know that the Naples area offers nearly unlimited opportunities to spend some quality time indoors and out of the sun.

Explore arts and culture in the area’s many museums, galleries, playhouses and concert halls. Go shopping in classy boutiques and unique shops. Or simply linger over drinks and food in a wonderful array of restaurants, cafes, or craft breweries. You’ll leave refreshed and ready to get outside for your next adventure!