Discover Beauty Reborn on Florida’s Paradise Coast Reef

Just off the coast of Naples, a manmade reef system teems with diverse sea life – beckoning divers and anglers alike.

Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades of Collier County, Florida, have always been a paradise of natural beauty and life.

Now, 37 new artificial reefs built from over 18,000 tons of concrete are examples of the community coming together to create a unique aquatic wildlife habitat. These reefs are made with recycled concrete materials, removing this material from the landfill stream. Recent visits to the reef have seen an expansion in types and species of fish not seen in years.

A fish emerges at Rooney Reef.

Rooney Reef is teeming with sea life.

Fishermen, from expert to amateur, can catch their limit of excitement as a wide variety of game and bait fish now call the Paradise Coast Reef their home. Schools of snapper, cobia, grouper and even barracuda live within this thriving deepwater habitat.

Divers, navigate your way to the Naples area to discover the new reefs and their inhabitants – including up to 300-pound Goliath Grouper. Stock up with the help of a local dive outfitter, or take a scuba diving charter with local pros.

A diver explores hidden nooks and crannies of the Paradise Coast Reef.

A diver explores hidden nooks and crannies of the Paradise Coast Reef.

Visit our local dive shops for air, equipment and information, and explore Florida’s Paradise Coast Reef’s depths for a new southwest Florida experience.

Come explore Florida’s Paradise Coast Reef and help celebrate a bright future for sea-life, fishermen and divers in Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades.

Watch the How to Do Florida TV episode on fishing the artificial reef.

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