Find Paradise on a Road Trip to Naples, Marco Island & the Everglades

From gorgeous beach resorts and Gulf sunsets to award-winning dining and family attractions, discover what awaits when you hit the road to the Paradise Coast.

Enjoy the Naples Pier

Sometimes the idea just pops into your head.

It’s time to get away. Time for a road trip!

It’s fun to say — loudly. It’s even more fun to do. Book a hotel on the spur of the moment, pack a small bag, gather up the kids, load up the SUV, and hit the highway. Within a few hours, you’ll be in a new place, with new, fun things to do. You’ll be in Florida’s Paradise Coast.

Spectacular Beaches & Beyond

Naples, Marco Island and the Everglades draws visitors from all over the world, but it’s also a favorite for Florida residents and anyone within driving distance. They come for the luxury resorts, the remarkable dining, the countless adventures and things to do. But mostly, they come for some of the most spectacular beaches in Florida. With 30 miles of wide, white sand beaches, Florida’s Paradise Coast has some of the most desirable, award-winning beaches in the world.

Aerial view of Naples coastline

As a Florida resident, all this splendor is just a short drive away. Simply hit the road, slip on those  swimsuits and head down to the waterfront. You may still be in Florida, but the soft white sands and warm Gulf waters immediately transfer you to paradise. Spend as long as you want here, but be sure to hang around until sunset. As the sun drops below the horizon, you’ll be treated to vivid colors that stretch across the sky – the perfect end to the perfect day. (And that’s just Day One!)

Delicious Dining

The Naples area delivers plenty of things that make it the ideal getaway. Let’s start with the food. The culinary scene is truly a marvel, featuring some of the most highly praised restaurants in the Southeast U.S. They range from elegant fine dining to laid-back beach bars to a surprising variety of ethnic eateries.

Top Attractions

For those who seek fun off the beach, there’s the enchanting Naples Botanical Garden, the exciting Naples Zoo, numerous fishing charters, and more eco-tours (on kayaks, jet skis and airboats) than you can count. If you want to tee it up, Florida’s Paradise Coast is a golfing mecca — with more courses per capita than anywhere in the U.S.

Relaxation & Spa Escapes

Prefer to simply relax and unwind? That’s a Paradise Coast specialty. Order room service, lounge by the pool, or get pampered at one of dozens of spas, many of which are little escapes unto themselves.

An Easy Drive

Getting to the Naples area is an easy drive from just about anywhere in Florida. Tampa Bay is a two-and-a-half hour drive; Jacksonville is five hours. Many Orlando residents (and visitors) can’t wait to take a side trip to the Paradise Coast. In just over three hours, they can trade theme park crowds for an uncrowded beach – where relaxation is the theme. Same goes for anyone seeking a respite from the fast-paced lifestyle of Miami. The Naples area is just a two-hour drive across the state.

No matter where you’re coming from, that much-needed sense of calm starts setting in the moment you set your sights on paradise. So do yourself a favor and say it again: Road trip!

What a concept.