Naples Shopping for Men: Look Good, Feel Grand in Luxurious Custom Suits

By Eric Snider
Shopping custom suits in Naples, Florida.

Here stands Dominic Lacquaniti, style crusader. The owner of Rocco’s Tailor Shop in Naples isn’t satisfied with providing guys with custom suits, or selling them his own line of upscale jackets. He wants the men in town — residents and visitors alike — to raise their sartorial game.

Dominic Lacquaniti, style crusader.

“You go out, you see all these beautiful women dressed up, they look fantastic,” says the transplanted New Yorker, his hands in constant motion. “And the guys are wearing three-quarter length khaki shorts and an oversize shirt. My idea was to come up with a great Naples lifestyle look. Your wife, your girlfriend — she looks fantastic. Complement her.”

Dominic says all this with good humor, but he means it. His Naples lifestyle look features a soft, fitted jacket, a classy print shirt, a pair of light, tapered slacks or jeans, and a nice pair of loafers or oxfords. “You don’t have to overdress it,” he says.

Hey, Dominic. Didn’t you get the memo? It’s hot here in the summer. He breaks into a laugh. “The ‘hot’ thing is an excuse,” he shoots back. “A lot of guys are out in the summer months in a silk or polyester shirt. I can make you look good and feel cool at the same time.”

The Perfect Fit

After a long career in the Manhattan garment district, Dominic came down to Naples in 2013 to take over the shop from his retiring father Rocco, who had done mostly alterations. Hems weren’t enough for Dom. He started marketing bespoke suits. He makes trips to Italy to hand select and buy fabrics from the mills.

In the comfy, living-room environment of Rocco’s, customers flip through swatches and consult with Dominic and his staff, who do 25 to 30 different measurements. Tailors in Italy build the piece and ship it back. After three fittings, the client leaves with a garment made specifically for the contours and nuances of his body. “From beginning to end, it’s more than 50 hours of work to make a jacket,” Dominic says. “It’s a work of art. And you have the confidence of putting it on and knowing if fits 110 percent.”

Dominic recognized that most of the well-heeled visitors shopping in Naples don’t have the time to go through the full custom-suit process, so he’s added a line of lightweight, off-the-rack jackets that he designs under his Rocco’s label.

Over the Top of the Line

“But hey,” he’s quick to add. “Some of the famous Italian labels will charge you 40 grand. So I guess that makes me a discount shop.”

These rack jackets, also made in Italy, run around $1,200 (alterations included). Custom suits start around $3,000 and go to $10,000 and up. Dominic says Rocco’s had made suits for a few of the celebrities that regularly crop up in Naples. Country star Keith Urban is the only name he’ll drop.

If you’re a go-big-or-go-home type, Rocco’s is the only place in Florida that can create for you a custom jacket made from vicuña. These animals, a relative of the llama that live in the Andes, produce ultra-fine wool that makes cashmere feel like a Brillo pad. Dominic will make you a vicuña jacket starting at $25,000.