Ride in Style in Downtown Naples

By Eric Snider

Phil McCabe developed, owns and runs the Inn on Fifth, a spectacular boutique hotel situated right on Naples’ most luxurious thoroughfare.

Inn on Fifth - Tesla

Few hoteliers are as hands-on, so when it came to selecting a unique amenity for his property, this self-proclaimed “Tesla guy” acquired a Model X, the brand’s roomy, classy sport utility vehicle. This gleaming white jewel sits right on 5th Avenue, the hotel logo emblazoned on its front doors.

Guests staying in one of the Inn on Fifth’s Club Level suites — across 5th from the main hotel — can contact the concierge to summon the electric-powered Model X. As you approach, the rear doors open upward, welcoming you into its luxe black-and-white interior. A parking valet will drive you to a nearby restaurant, shop, salon or gallery. No rides to the airport, though. “We limit it to within a mile, mile-and-a-half of the hotel,” Phil says. “It’s designed to be a guest experience, and it’s pretty remarkable.”

When Phil, who now owns three Teslas, saw the Model X in a New York City showroom a year and a half ago, it hit him. “I just knew it would be perfect for my hotel guests,” he says.

The Tesla Model X is not as much about transportation as it is arriving in style. “When we take a guest out in that car, we hear it: all eyes are on the car,” Phil says with a chuckle. “It’s an attention-grabber, for sure. We have some pretty elegant people going out to dinner from the Inn on Fifth, and they look chic getting out of the Model X — but the public is looking at the car.”