Medical & Fitness Services

Reverse My Diabetes

• Learn to stabilize and reduce glucose spikes. • Lower your A1c • Decrease or possibly eliminate the need for medication • Lose weight How?... More info

Hughes Center

Hughes Center for Functional Medicine in Southwest Florida provides functional and integrative medical services designed to help you improve your qual... More info

Donation Yoga

Donation Yoga Naples was founded by Lauren Fox on the idea that EVERYONE deserves the opportunity to practice yoga!... More info

Blue Zones Project

Blue Zones Project launched in Southwest Florida in November 2015 and has impacted over 800 organizations and more than 275,000 individuals.... More info

Blue Zones Project Nat'l Walking Day
Wellfit Institute

Wellfit is a discovery-based, experiential, multidisciplinary approach to health and fitness that empowers and sustains.... More info

Paddleboard Yoga and Fitness
Riverchase Dermatology

For over 10 years, the staff at Riverchase Dermatology has offered the latest advancements in dermatological care to treat all common conditions.... More info