Naples Accelerator Diabetes Wellness Activity Symposium

July 30, 2019 @ 12:00pm

3510 Kraft Road, Suite 200
Naples, FL 34105

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The Diabetes Alliance Network, (DAN) as part of Help a Diabetic Child, announces the first annual Diabetes Wellness Activity Symposium on Monday July 29th and Tuesday July 30th in Naples Florida.

The Diabetes Alliance Network is sponsoring a work session symposium to identify new creative activities and coping mechanisms that advance daily living and improves the well-being of those faced with the chronic disease of diabetes.

Clinical practitioners, wellness professionals, and educators will work collaboratively to align suggestions and new approaches into the American Diabetes Association (ADA) the Life with Diabetes curriculum. The work product will focus on enhancing the instructional methods used to reach the ultimate outcome for a patient living with diabetes who will be referred to DAN's new diabetes self-management program. Ms. Jo Ellen Condon, former Director of Program Recognition for the ADA will facilitate the symposium alongside Chuck Gillespie, CEO of the National Wellness Institute.

Participants of the symposium will gain knowledge about and shape DAN's unique modular course system of education which is designed to be delivered in a community setting. The selected participants will have the opportunity to provide input from their respective expertise which will be included in the activities of the course lesson plans, advancing the manner in which education can be delivered to those with diabetes. Professionals from Core Health Partners who will pilot DAN's courses at the Marco Island YMCA will participate in the activity building symposium, allowing them to add expertise from the view of a Registered Nurse who lives with Type1 along with a Registered Dietitian. Other professionals invited to the table include a Physician from Health Care Network, a Federally Qualified Health Clinic, (FQHC) that has the experience in serving the medical needs of a diverse population, which includes the low income and minority populations and a mental health professional from the David Lawrence Center. Also, at the activity symposium table will be a physical and occupational therapist, wellness professionals from the YMCA and representatives from Help a Diabetic Child (HADC).

Those participating in the Diabetes Wellness Activity Symposium will receive a certificate from the National Wellness Institute and DAN and will be credited by name and credential, for their participation in the narrative of DAN's DSME.

The final work product will become a DSME toolbox that is designed to duplicate the course delivery in a community setting by utilizing YMCA's, Churches and Jewish Community Centers. Maintaining a national affiliate, CHP to deliver the system of care and education accommodates the course and patient outcomes to be validated and attuned if there is necessity. The Other National Affiliates of the DAN (the National Wellness Institute and RDiabetes EmpowerMNT) play a critical role alongside CHP to assure oversight for the quality of the program, as well as the community center's staff is prepared and certified in this clinic to community model.

The result of our collaborative effort is simply to help those living with chronic disease live well!

3510 Kraft Road, Suite 200Naples, Florida 34105