Trading up with Marc and Danielle

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Though we are a highly-motivated and fiercely driven couple, we have a lot going on. To begin, we have five children to keep tabs on; we operate a home-based business adjacent to the beautiful beaches of Naples, Florida; and we maintain a very active social life.

Busy. Busy. Busy. Sound familiar?

Our 17 years together have come with its fair share of major highs and very-low lows. We owned and operated a multi-million dollar business on the floor of the New York Stock Exchange for eight years.

On 9/11/2001, we were first responders in the pit where the Twin Towers fell. Despite the tragic circumstance of that time, we continue to be deeply proud of our contribution to the 9/11 clean-up effort.

We remained in the New York "rat race" for six more years, a decision that ultimately led to our exposure to tremendous airborne toxins and Marc's 2006 heart attack. Understandably, this life-altering situation created a very personal "Great Depression" that could have sidelined even the strongest of human beings.

Next up: like so many of you who have faced significant financial challenges in the last few years, our (once, wildly successful) business came crashing down. In other words: Marc and Danielle's Great Depression, Part Two.

Like it or not, we had to professionally reinvent ourselves. Nonetheless, any triumphant professional reinvention demands a slice of personal change too. Once again, time to TRADE UP!

After 25 years, we started over-NOT an easy task. Then we got hit by Marc and Danielle's Great Depression, Part THREE.

In early 2011, Marc was feeling consistently ill and couldn't seem to get a proper diagnosis. In August 2011, we received the devastating news: heart-attack survivor Marc was stricken with Stage 4 Hodgkin's Lymphoma. The cancer diagnosis included the presence of tumors from his neck to his pelvis. The result was three separate rounds of chemo, 21 radiation treatments, and (finally) a stem-cell operation.

Oh, did we forget to mention that Marc's stem-cell procedure took place the week of Hurricane Sandy? Our Long Beach Island, New Jersey, house was smashed; however, unlike our home, Marc was back on his feet-for good.

Priorities people, priorities! So, what kept us going? What kept our-pun intended-heads above water throughout this entire ordeal? Upbeat, never-ending, indefatigable, positive ENERGY. A seemingly limitless foundation of strength gleaned from an extraordinary community of amazing friends, loyal family members, and countless individuals who, through their ongoing support, have become part of our very special extended family.

Though our days of trading on Wall Street were behind us, we persevered and TRADED UP to brand new careers, healthier lifestyles, and a bold reshaping of our personal and professional priorities: Health, Wealth, Fitness, Family and Fun!

With Marc now healthy and cancer free, we're on a very personal quest. We want (correction: we NEED) to share our proven methods for circumventing life's inevitable challenges-and keep you moving forward too.