Iolanthe presented by Opera Naples Summer Youth Program

July 22, 2023 - July 23, 2023

Pulte Family Life Center at St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church

625 111th Ave N
Naples, FL 34110

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Opera Naples, one of Naples' leading performing arts organizations, has announced tickets on sale for W.S. Gilbert and Arthur Sullivan's popular operetta, "Iolanthe," starring students from its Summer Youth Program. Performances are scheduled for 7 p.m., July 22, and 2 p.m., July 23, at the Saint John the Evangelist Catholic Church at the Pulte Life Center in Naples.

The Opera Naples Summer Youth Program performances are directed by Robin Frank, the director of education, and Louis Dall'Ava, a Gilbert and Sullivan veteran performer and director.

Since its sparkling 1882 premiere, the fantastical satire "Iolanthe" has delighted audiences with its clever combination of romance, humor, political satire and the memorable musical numbers that made Gilbert and Sullivan household names.

Twenty-five years ago, the fairy Iolanthe married a mortal – a capital offense under fairy law. However, her sentence was commuted from death to lifetime banishment. Fast forward 25 years, her half-human, half-fairy son now wishes to marry a mortal but it's a crime punishable by death. Left with no choice, Iolanthe sets out to challenge this law.

Student tickets are available for $10, and adult tickets are $18. A family four-pack for two adults and two students is available for $50. To reserve tickets, contact 239-963-9050 or visit