Marco Island Center for the Arts Set to Stream Fine Arts Film Festival

October 28, 2020


Marco Island Center for the Arts

1010 Winterberry Drive
Marco Island, FL 34145

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Marco Island Center for the Arts will be partnering with former Executive Director Lynn M. Holley, who now lives in Hollywood, California, and is an Executive Consultant to the Arts. As such, she is a visual arts curator, and the founding director of two International Film Festivals, the 3-Minute Film Festival and the International Fine Arts Film Festival that are in their 8th and 5th seasons respectively.  

Holley will be first interviewed by Hyla Crane, and Lynn will introduce a selection of short award winning films from her festivals to be streamed live to Facebook and YouTube pages of Marco Island Center for the Arts on October 28th at 5:30pm.

 The films screened in Holley's festivals offer a wide variety of filmmaking techniques and genres: Narrative, Documentary, Animation, Experimental and Dance. The goal of these boutique festivals is to offer a showcase for young or emerging filmmakers to have a chance to build their reputation and develop confidence. Professional filmmakers often use these small film festivals to try something new or different. The Fine Arts festival showcased films that have to do with all of the fine arts, and as such draw on professional filmmakers. "I do not take all of the entries that come into each festival, perhaps a third or more are rejected." Holley does most everything for the screening of the festivals herself with no staff and only a few volunteers.  Professionals from the film industry judge the winners, however ownership of the festivals allows Holley some benefits.  "Of course if the (judges) don't choose my favorite, I give out the "Director's Award. As the arts are often subjective, some presentations you like, and others you don't. "  

Join Marco Island Center for the Arts in this exclusive LIVE Streaming Film Festival event on October 28 at 5:30pm. This special event is free, however donations are greatly appreciated, which enable the Art Center to continue to provide innovative virtual programming.

About 3-Minute Film Festival

The 3-Minute Film Festival, first screened in 2016. Now in its 8th season, over 250 films have been screened; each around three minutes. These include films from Africa and Australia to the British Isles, Ireland to Iran; from China to India, and all of North and South America and beyond borders to countries never heard of. Over 40 countries have participated. It continues to be a hit for Animation, Narrative, Documentary and Experimental. Student films are included, and sometimes dance and poetry of the spoken word filmed against a backdrop.  Screenings average a little over an hour, with a selection of at least 20 films. 

About The International Fine Arts Film Festival

The International Fine Arts Film Festival was started in Santa Barbara in 2008, but it went on hiatus until 2016, when Lynn Holley premiered it at SBCAST, outside on a huge screen over three days. Again, films from all over the world were shown. Directors, actors, writers and camera professionals attended from as far away as Poland, New York and around California. In 2019, the festival was a two-day event, with films ranging from a few minutes to 45 minutes. As well as the standard genres, it also included dance, and Original Score. The festival puts student films up against professionals, as they do very well, especially in animation. One particular film, The Collector, a documentary about a gardener/artist in New England, was picked up by PBS.