Spammy Jammy at Little Bar Restaurant

June 23, 2018

11:30 a.m. - 11:00 p.m.

Little Bar Restaurant

205 Harbor Place
Goodland, FL 34145

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Celebrate summer and help ward off the threat of hurricanes with the one and only annual Spammy Jammy party on Saturday, June 23rd at Goodland's Little Bar. With the approach of the annual hurricane season, participants are encouraged to create wildly creative sculptures using any canned Spam that might be in their storm supply cupboard from last year. Some are crazy enough to purchase new Spam for what they hope will be a winning sculpture. Past notable Spam-alicious creations in the past include "Pink Spamingo," "Sponge Bob Spam Pants," "Spamela Anderson" and YoSpamite."

The theory is that by congregating at the Little Bar wearing pajamas, negligees or whatever you wear to to bed (the reason for this is vague, other than Jammy rhymes with Spammy) consuming copious amounts of adult beverage, and sculpting and eating Spam the gods can be moved to spare Goodland, the 'drinking village with a fishing problem' alongside Marco Island from the wrath of hurricanes.

For the past 25 years Little Bar has been trying to ward off hurricanes with the Spammy Jammy bacchanalia. Since Goodland took quite a punch from Hurricane Irma this past year, participants will be expected to party even harder this time around. Put on your favorite or craziest jammies and come to the Little Bar for a great evening filled with dynamite live music, crazy games, and plenty of beverages to close out the season before the restaurant staff takes off for summer vacation.