Five Benefits of In-Person Meetings

Five reasons why in-person meetings are more important than ever.

In this age of omnipresent digital communication, meetings still matter more than ever.

Here are just five benefits of in-person meetings:

1. Creativity – To compete in today’s rapidly changing business environment, creativity is king. When employees are in a place that sparks innovative thinking, free from distractions, creative ideas flourish.

2. Focus – The focus attained by being away from the office helps employees see the big picture and plan future initiatives, resulting in increased productivity.

3. Motivation – Because a meeting away is a special event, employees take it more seriously and perform at a higher level. A meeting away also rewards employees with fun experiences, fostering goodwill, loyalty and renewed motivation to give their company their all.

4. Team-Building – Professional team-building exercises or simply shared  recreational activities create a much stronger bond than just talking, resulting in a unified and inspired workforce.

5. Balance – All work and no play can make a company’s growth pretty dull, too. A meeting that includes relaxing activities such as a spa visit or golf will recharge employees and make them more productive at the meeting itself and back at the office.