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Have you always been curious about the Everglades, but are unsure how to approach this huge wilderness? Are you eager not just to see, but to intimately experience this unique environment? Well then, don't acccept a quick look from a tour van window or speeding airboat.  Come immerse yourself in the Everglades backcountry with us and experience the tranquility of the wilderness after the crowds leave for the day.

Our Everglades tours are simply amazing, with 10,000 smallmangrove islands to explore, white sand beaches, exotic wildlife, fantastic food, first class camping, and great company.  Imagine yourself camping on powder soft sand beaches, atop shell mounds constructed by the Calusa natives of the past, and over the water on wooden "chickee" platforms. You will experience spectacular sunsets from remote beaches, enjoy freshly prepare local seafood around a blazing campfire, sleep under immense star filled skies, and awaken to songbird filled mornings from your cozy sleeping bag.

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