13510 N Tamiami Trail #4
Naples, FL 34110

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Nearly 15 years ago, my family went through a real financial crisis. Everything went wrong at once, and we found ourselves with few resources, in a small mountain town in Colorado, uncertain of how we were going to pay our bills and feed our children. It was a tremendously frightening time, and we had to set aside our pride and go to a local food pantry for help. That food pantry not only gave us food, they also gave us hope, kindness, and restored our dignity.

Our oldest daughter was a small child at the time, but she was so impressed with the loving strangers who loaded our car up with staples, fresh items, and even treats, that she called them "food angels".

I could not dream then of where we would be today. The biggest dream I could dream then was that we'd someday have enough energy and time to volunteer with the food angels. I am thrilled to be able to say that we did get out of our difficult situation, and thanks to the Community Cupboard of Woodland Park, we never went hungry. ​

We moved to Naples in 2012, and found another warm, welcoming place in a local church, who supported us and encouraged us and helped us start a brand new food pantry in our new home town.

We started our first distribution effort in north Naples, serving just 8 people that first week, in July 2014. A year later, we found ourselves serving hundreds of people per month with standing and mobile pantries, leading one of our volunteer groups to grow and become an independent distribution site of their own.

Today, the Current, at 13510 Tamiami Trail N. #4 is our primary distribution location, serving over 1,200 people each month, and we actively seek opportunities to work with our friends and partner organizations throughout Collier County to address hunger and increase dignity, hope, and love.

Join us as we try hard to live up to the excellent example of our first food pantry experience, by being "Food Angels" for our neighbors in need in Naples.

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