Harry Grimm - Foundation Training Instructor

919 Alamo Lane
Naples, FL 34110

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Foundation Training is a solution to pain and injury caused by damaging movement habits you didn't even realize existed.

It is a journey of both physical discovery and deepened self awareness that enables previously unknown levels of health and happiness. It gives you the power to reclaim control over your body and be the best version of yourself.

I offer:

Private Sessions - Quickest and most direct way of learning Foundation Training especially if you have certain issues to address

Semi-private Sessions - Training with family of friends can really help you to stay on track

Small Groups (4-6)- Best for custom designed sessions around a particular topic or sport (i.e. golf, tennis, running, gardening or whatever)

Clinics- 1.5 hour intensive designed to ground you in the basics and exercises of FT

Class Packages- Either on going classes or a package to reinforce your understanding of FT and motivate you to continue progressing

Introductory Workshops- Learn why I believe everyone should do FT daily and the benefits to you while experiencing our signature exercise "The Founder".

All services offered on done on location i.e. your home or office, community center, the beach, parks, where ever!

Foundation Training integrates into everyday life and can be applied to all lifestyles: ​young & old athletes, beginners, experts in fitness & exercise, etc.