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Naples, FL 34103

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Natural wines are grapes, fermented by native yeasts, with nothing, or nearly nothing added. At one end of the wine biz, wine is simply a product. Vines are managed with the aid of chemical supplements, and grapes are transformed into a beverage with the help of additives and technologies. The next tier is a large swath of wines which aspire to craftsmanship and distinctiveness, but which still lean on conventional growing and processing methods. Unfortunately, too many in this tier are driven by wine ratings, and will frequently manipulate wines with additives and technology to modify their body, texture, structure, and flavor profiles.
Beyond this mass of hard-core-conventional and conventionally-leaning wines is a small but passionate world of wine growers who are "minimally interventionist" in both the field and in the cellar. More specifically, these growers are committed to both organic or bio-dynamic farming, and to additive-free wine-making. This, to me, is the core ideal of Natural Wines. Some of these growers are drawn to healthier vines and wines because they live in a country (e.g., France) where viticulture has the highest cancer incidence among all agricultural workers. They simply want cleaner wines and a safer environment. Others convert to natural because they've experimented with chemical free grapes and low or non interventionist wine-making and have preferred the results.