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Every breath of salty air you take, every precious microelement of salt you inhale in the salt cave is a bit of an irreplaceable, natural therapy beneficial for many health conditions. With the help of a salt generator device and tons of Himalayan crystal salt, we are able to recreate the very special, healing microclimate of the ancient underground salt caves.

The floor, the walls, and the ceiling of the salt cave are covered with food grade fine crystal salt. Tons of large salt rocks surround the visitors placed along the walls and also displayed in wooden crates. This salt is dry and clean. To ensure the purest quality, we use Himalayan pink crystal salt. The size of the room is 450 sq. feet which allows 8+ persons to comfortably be seated during the Halotherapy sessions. Children have a dedicated area to play in order not to disturb the others. The salt cave itself is a completely separate space, isolated from the rest of our store areas.

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Dates Closed: Sunday & Monday
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