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Red Tide is a naturally occurring algae bloom that has periodically affected the beaches along Florida’s Gulf Coast dating back hundreds of years. This phenomenon gets its name from some of the algae species that can become dense enough to color the water red. Red tide blooms can be harmful to sea and wildlife and release toxins into the air leading to respiratory irritation in humans, especially in people with severe or chronic conditions such as emphysema or asthma. We encourage our visitors to check back on our site for updated conditions and follow recommended guidelines. 

Below are the most recent red tide results.

1/15/21 Red Tide Update
Respiratory irritation is being reported at all Collier County beaches whenever winds are blowing onshore. We are still receiving reports of dead fish in the back bays of Marco Island.
Forecast: Respiratory irritation is possible whenever winds are blowing onshore along all Collier County beaches. People with chronic respiratory illnesses such as asthma or emphysema should avoid going to the beach as these illnesses may be aggravated. Red tide is very patchy and conditions can change daily.  

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