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The Face of Immokalee

Face of Immokolee Photo
Face of Immokolee Photo

Public Art installation which aims to champion the Immokalee community thru a series of boldly displayed B&W photographic portraits. This anomalous and first-of-its-kind art exhibition in Collier County will be presented on two 50' long walls and two 53' long semi trailer-trucks owned by Immokalee based Lipman Family Farms, one of the nation's largest produce growers. This local project with global relevance is about the Human Condition, The ART of photography and being proactive in building SW Florida's Public Art Scene. With some of the portraits exhibited at 14' high, it's hard to ignore the beautiful spirit of people who are otherwise unseen.

Created by Naples portrait photographer Michelle Tricca and 4.5 years in the making with support from Florida Dept of State, Division of Arts & Culture, and the National Endowment for the Arts.

"Getting to know Immokalee and the wonderful people throughout the years, I wanted to share the beauty that I see. Thru boldly displayed portraiture, my intention is to create awareness and respect. The murals, especially the mobile portion of the exhibit, is my means of connecting humanity, putting a face to and championing this awesome town, through art. The walls will add a bit of life to space, and the trucks will bring art to people around Collier County who weren't expecting to see it." Michelle Tricca.

For questions please contact Michelle Tricca at 619-414-2347