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Summer Homeschool Day: History of Florida Fishing

August 20, 2024
illustration of a fisherman pulling a large net into a boat Photo
illustration of a fisherman pulling a large net into a boat Photo

Fishing in Florida is a tale as old as time. From fishing for sustenance and survival to enjoying it for sport and pleasure, people have been plying Florida's waters for thousands of years in hopes of landing "the big one." At Collier Museum at Government Center's Summer Homeschool Day, learn the history of Florida fishing with hands-on activities for all ages. From the Calusa to modern commercial fishing, see how the trade has evolved in southwest Florida.

While RSVP is not required, it is encouraged to ensure enough supplies for students. Call our Curator of Education at 239-252-8242 or go to

Important note: This is a drop-in style event! It is not required to arrive at 10AM nor stay for the full 3 hours.

Three times a year, Collier County Museums hosts a day where homeschoolers of all ages will be able to come for free educational programming geared toward their specific age groups. We will have preschool, elementary, and middle/early high school appropriate activities based on that Homeschool Day's theme. With a focus on combining history and STEM (we like to call it SHTEM!), Collier County Museums aims to provide your homeschooler with a holistic approach to learning about our region's history. Homeschool Days will cycle through our five museums, so your family has an opportunity to get to know all of them!

From August 20, 2024
Tue, Aug 20, 2024 10am-1pm