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Naples Beach

Naples Beach Photo
Naples Beach Photo
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Naples Beach Photo 2
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Naples Beach Photo 3

Naples Pier is the focal point of Naples Beach, but the sand stretches for miles. There are public access points with limited parking at the west end of most downtown avenues. Beach admission is free.

Naples Beach Parking

A limited number of metered parking spaces are available at the following beach access points:

 8th Avenue N, 7th Avenue N, North Lake Drive, 6th Avenue N, 5th Avenue N, 4th Avenue N, 3rd Avenue N

2nd Avenue N, 1st Avenue N, Central Avenue, 1st Avenue S, 2nd Avenue S, 3rd Avenue S, 4rd Avenue S

5th Avenue S, 6th Avenue S, 7th Avenue S, 8th Avenue S, 9th Avenue S, 10th Avenue S, 11th Avenue S

Broad Avenue S, 12th Avenue S, 13th Avenue S, 14th Avenue S, 15th Avenue S, 16th Avenue S, 17th Avenue S

18th Avenue S, 19th Avenue S, 20th Avenue S, 21st Avenue S, 32nd Avenue S, 33rd Avenue S

Parking is available within close walking distance and is metered at $0.25 per six minutes, or $2.50 per hour. A minimum payment of $1.25 is required. Metered parking pay stations accept credit cards, debit cards and quarters only.

Near Naples Beach

Third Street South – 0.3 miles

Fifth Avenue South – 1.5 miles

Tin City – 1.5 miles

Naples Bay Resort – 2.0 miles

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