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Sports Facilities

The all-new Paradise Coast Sports Complex & Entertainment Center is just more asset in a destination that delivers exceptional football, lacrosse, soccer, baseball, softball, tennis, golf and pickleball events. In addition, our unique venues are perfect for other competitions as well, including beach volleyball, water sports, extreme sports, and more.  Browse the options below to find the perfect venue for your event.

Tournament Capable Facilities

Paradise Coast Sports Complex

Paradise Coast Sports Complex & Entertainment Center - Soccer, Lacrosse, Football, Flag Football, Rugby, Field Hockey

North Collier Regional – Softball, Youth Baseball, Lacrosse, Flag Football 

Baseball at Veterans Community Park

Veterans Community Park – Softball, Youth Baseball 

Golden Gate Youth Baseball

Golden Gate Community Park – Youth Baseball 

Vineyards Community Park

Vineyards Community Park – Lacrosse, Soccer

BMX Track in Naples Florida

BMX / Wheels Track – BMX

Norris Pool at Naples YMCA

YMCA Norris Pool – Swimming, Water Polo

Pickleball Paddle

East Naples Community Park – Pickleball Courts

Sugden Lake

Sugden Regional Park - Sailing and Skiing 

Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park Aerial View

Big Corkscrew Island Regional Park 

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Wheels Skate & BMX Park
4701 Golden Gate Parkway
Naples, FL 34116

Wheels Skate & BMX Park is an annex of the Golden Gate Community Center, located in the heart of Wheels EntranceGolden Gate Community Center is ho...

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